Episode 4 – The Postal Museum… with a Margarita

Chelsea and James are boarding the Mail Rail Ride at the Postal Museum which just so happens to be the perfect place to take a sip of Margarita from their flask...

Five Interesting Things From Hampstead Heath

#1. You can hire the Postal Museum as an event space for parties

15 mins

For the evening (275 guests) from £5,000. If you want it for the full day though it’s £17,000. And you can use the train!

#2 - Driverless trains in the postal rail system.

16 mins

Even though it’s driven by a person for the Museum ride, the trains were driverless.

#3 - Underground Cycle Superhighway

24 mins

Since 2003 it’s been quite empty. Most of the tunnels are unused. Some of the ideas have been a ‘mushroom farm’ (?). Or it’s been discussed to turn it into a cycle superhighway
Could you commute underground?! No traffic though

#4 - Henry VII Founded The Mail System… just for himself

26 mins

Henry VIII founded a mail system 500 years ago to keep and eye on this kingdom. He was the only person who could received them.

#5 - What do the initials on a post box mean?

31 mins

You will never look at a postbox the same again

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