Episode 3 – Hampstead Heath with a Gin and Tonic

Chelsea and James head to Hampstead Heath, pretending to care about the history but actually just hoping they bump into a celeb walking their dog

Five Interesting Things From Hampstead Heath

#1. The Area Used To Be Rampant With Highwaymen.

12 mins

The whole area was ancient woodland, they’d have to travel through Hampstead Heath to get into town. Highwaymen used to stop them, most famously Dick Turpin, who would say ‘Stand And Deliver’.

#2 - The Deepest Shaft.

16 mins

On the London Underground network, the deepest tube station is Hampstead. 192 feet. But the shaft is 181 feet. Spiral staircase 300 steps.

#3 - Singing is banned

22 mins

There are 47 by-laws in Hampstead Heath. One of them is that singing is banned, unless you get permission. You can’t shake or beat anything. Can’t repair a chair. Can’t uproot or destroy anything. And most importantly, you can’t sit on a bench dressed as a rat.

#4 - The Hill Garden and Pegola.

24 mins

An incredible outdoor terrace. Commissioned by Lord Levenhume – who made his fortune though soap – wanted the venue to be his legacy! You can hire it for weddings and parties!

#5 - The Fake Bridge - Sham Bridge Kenwood House

31 mins

Thousand Pound Pond, it was added to be athletically pleasing. It’s a 2D bit of set design to be the focal point of a picture.

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