Episode 2 – Up At The O2 with a Rum On The Rocks

Chelsea and James are getting their harnesses on to scale The O2 in London at sunset - but would they recommend it to a mate?

Five Interesting Things From Up At The O2

#1. The 'Meridian Laser' was moved as it went through someone's kitchen window

19 mins

Royal Observatory has a laser shining at 0°, 0″ 0′ degrees.  showing the line that Eastern and Western Hemispheres (and where all time zones are measured) But there was a complaint as it shone into a ladies kitchen window on a 26 story tower block built in it’s path. The complaint was listened to had to be slightly adjusted (tilted up 0.2°!) so it’s still visible – just ever so slightly inaccurate now. 

#2 - The O2 In Numbers.

21 mins

Stats and numbers aren’t something that we’d both go, ‘that’s cool’ but the numbers around The O2 are pretty good.
• 12 yellow spikes holding the roof up – representing the 12 months. 
• 365m diameter of the dome – representing the days of the year 
• 52m height of the dome – representing the weeks in a year 

#3 - BMX Backflips on the roof of The O2

24 mins

A YouTuber called Ryan Taylor, dragged his bike up onto the roof of The O2 in 2018.
The video was uploaded to YouTube and O2’s lawyers had the video removed

#4 - Blue Peter Time Capsule Dug Up Accidentally

27 mins

Katy Hill and Richard Bacon buried the Blue Peter Time Capsule in 1998. It was supposed to dug up in 2050, but builders accidentally dug it up 33 years early and in doing so damaged it so it couldn’t be reburied. It contained a Tellytubby doll, Blue Peter CD-ROM and Tamagotchi. 

#5 - The Foiled 'Great Dome Robbery'

31 mins

Flying squad foiled a diamond heist at the Millennium Dome which police say would have been the world’s biggest robbery.

They used a JCB to smash through into the Dome to reach where the ‘De Beers’ diamonds, worth £350m. But unknown to the gang the real jewels were replaced on Monday with replicas.

Unbelievably, Chelsea denied the interesting fact about the air inside the O2 is heavier than the white Teflon roof that covers the entire O2. Chelsea didn’t understand that air could have a volume.

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